We are an engineering company with a multidisciplinary dimension, created with the aim to bring new solutions and technologies for the treatment, management and appropriate final disposal of municipal solid waste to Brazil.

Based on the experience and know-how of our team, we develop innovative solutions for the management of waste and also plan, execute and operate facilities for treatment and processing of household waste. Therefore, we contribute to the minimization of environmental impacts caused by an inappropriate disposal.

One of our priorities is to provide ideas in order to make the planet cleaner throughout projects for the treatment of municipal waste, aiming to preserve our natural resources.

Since our work is guided by the precepts of sustainable development for the benefit of society, we enter into the Green Economy Market.

Our assumption is the application of innovation in order to achieve sustainability in waste treatment plants.

Our concern

The modification of consumption habits, industrialization, urbanization and population growth are factors which directly influence the quantity and composition of waste. In recent decades, mainly due to the increase of volume and variety of generated waste, the traditional forms of final disposal as well as inappropriate management reached their limits. Based on this reality, the development of effective solutions is necessary and accessible through study and research, in order to bring effective results and low cost. The development of technologies capable of mitigating the social and environmental impacts caused by inadequate or traditional waste management.


Our work aims to interact in a single network technology and another tools for waste management, such as selective collection, environmental education and systems monitoring. This sense of unity is able to wake us up to individual responsibilities and for the power of transformation of our actions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer innovative solutions for the utilization of waste as an alternative resource, stimulate the economy and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Our Team

Christiane Dias Pereira - Engenheira civil e advogada, especialista em gestão empresarial e direito ambiental, atua como doutoranda e coordenadora da Universidade Técnica de Braunschweig (TUBS) no Brasil e como presidente do Instituto CReED. Com trajetória profissional formada pela pluralidade de eixos temáticos, foi como diretora de empresas que abarcou responsabilidades voltadas para o nível tecnológico e jurídico, participando de projetos nacionais e internacionais. Atuação especializada em tratamento mecânico e biológico de resíduos sólidos urbanos há 18 anos, com atividades desenvolvidas juntamente à órgãos públicos e empresas privadas, desde o desenvolvimento de conceitos tecnológicos, implementação de plantas de tratamento de RSU até avaliação técnica e desenvolvimento de análise de risco e projetos de financiamento para a FINEP e CAIXA. Ministra capacitação em gestão de resíduos para os Ministérios, Secretarias Estaduais e Municípios brasileiros, como também para bancos públicos, agências ambientais, entre outras entidades públicas. Atua como professora em valorização de resíduos na PUC-RIO, TUBS, FESP-SP e SENAC-Jundiaí.Christiane Dias Pereira – Civil Engineer and Lawyer, Specialist in administration and environmental law, doctorates and works as coordinator in Brazil for the Technical University of Braunschweig, president of the Institute CReED of Brazil and Technical Director of Terra Melhor. A professional career formed by plural subjects, she held positions as director in private companies with focus on technological and legal standards, participating in national and international projects in several projects of sustainable waste management. Specialized in mechanical and biological treatment of municipal solid waste since 19 years, she developed activities in cooperation with public and private institutions, such as development of technological concepts, implementation of waste treatment plants, technical evaluation and development of analytical risks. Gave lessons and trainings in waste management for Brazilian ministries, state secretary and cities, as well as for public banks, environmental agencies, among other public entities. Professor at PUC-Rio, SENAC Jundiaí and FESP-SP teaching waste management and environmental technologies and is active as consultant for KFW and GIZ.


Hubert BaierHubert Baier – PhD in Mineralogy, geoscientist and researcher, developed practices for the search for alternatives concerning the energy matrix together with Holcim. Worked with alternative energetic resources at EnTeCo and with pretreatment of mineral resources for the production of clinker. He is also responsible for activities and the implementation of cement plants for the company Dyckerhoff AG in Germany. Since 2006, he is the director of ECOWEST, which is the first certified German company as a provider of secondary fuel for co-processing. Between 2007 and 2010, he worked and promoted sustainable concepts for the support of waste in energy in several countries. Between 2010 and 2013, he acted as manager in co-processing for ThyssenKrupp for the company Vecoplan-FuelTrack GmbH regarding the production of refuse derived fuel (RDF). Assisted German normative activities for the regulation of secondary fuels use. In addition, he was the editor for the technical journal ZKG in the cement segment. Currently, he is directing partner at the consulting company WhiteLabel-Tandem Projects e.U (WLTP).


Luiz Carlos Reichenbach de SousaLuiz Carlos Reichenbach de Sousa – PhD in chemical engineering, researcher and independent consulter with broad experience in the cement industry focusing on waste management and implementation of strategic valorization projects.

Between 1991 and 2000, he worked at the Institute Paul Scherrer, developing research projects related to life cycle of materials and energetic recovery. After this, he worked at the Holcim Group for 14 years, assuming various leadership positions and designing the company as a reference in energetic recovery and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global level.


Olga KasperOlga Kasper – M.Sc. in Applied Geography with specialization in environmental and waste management by the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH Aachen, Germany). Participated in international projects during graduation, such as the introduction of concepts for environmental education in Tena, Ecuador. Alongside municipal authorities, she developed the Municipal Energy Management Plan for the city of Lich (Germany), resulting in costs reduction as well as mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, she is the Technical Manager at Terra Melhor Ltda., working in projects related to the management of municipal solid waste, especially Mechanical-Biological Treatment, and participating in national and international projects.


Fábio Lippi Silva

Fábio Lippi Silva – Computer Scientist with specialization in project management. Currently, university professor, coordinator of the advanced course Technology Analysis and System Development at the Centro Universitário Módulo, project director at Tradex Alliance Brazil, a company specialized in international commerce, and consultor for Terra Melhor Ltda.

Has experience in tools and project management techniques and IT, having worked on several projects for international cooperation in the areas of waste, IT and trade.


ChristineChristine Pereira-Glodek – Pedagogist and technician in administration and environmental education, has participated in projects in Brazil and Germany in the field of solid urban waste management in partnerships and information exchanges between the Technical University of Braunschweig, CReED and Brazilian municipal governments, public agencies and private entities. Takes care of the organization of events and gives support in technical visits. Does translation of texts and acts as a consecutive interpreter. Also works in Germany on anthroposophy-based curative therapy educational project. Speaks Portuguese, German and English. Is co-author of works published in collective works.