We offer a range of specialized services in the field of waste management, with the main objective on environmental preservation and the reduction of operational costs by handling waste.

Furthermore, we offer complete solutions for municipalities with regard to the processing of waste based on elaborated plans and projects according to the characteristics of each region. Beyond waste management plans, we provide effective and established waste treatments for both municipal solid waste as well as health services waste, construction and industrial waste.

These services create a complete and innovative dynamic from the collection up to the final disposal of waste that has exhausted all possibilities of reutilization, recycling and treatment.

Main objectives and principles:

  • Reduction of the organic proportion in landfilled waste;
  • Extended lifetime of sanitary landfills;
  • Valorization of waste;
  • Cost reduction in this sector;
  • Generation of employment and income;
  • Climate protection and preservation of natural resources.

Portfolio of Services

Offer instruments for a multidisciplinary qualification for the integration of aspects related to treatment and valorization of municipal solid waste, such as:

  • Technological levelling for fermentation, composting, drying, recycling and energetic recovery;
  • Factors for the evaluation of the operational efficiency;
  • Definition criteria for technologies for waste treatment;
  • Elaboration of business plans which contemplate the identification of the market for by-products;
  • Environmental licensing of waste treatment plants;
  • Mechanical treatment, recycling of materials and the social function of the National Waste Law (PNRS);
  • Legal aspects in international performance contracts and performance guarantees;
  • Nationalization of components of treatment and valorization plants;
  • National tributary analysis;
  • Gravimetric and particle size analysis for the technological definition of treatment and valorization plants;
  • Physical-chemical analysis and quality of by-products and substrates;
  • Operational monitoring;
  • Environmental indicators and management.